Vaccination Laws

 JULY 9, 2021

“The pandemic that cost so many jobs, time with friends, time with family, and peace of mind is beginning to wane. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) now states that those who are fully vaccinated may choose to go maskless, reduce social distancing, and return to their normal, everyday lives. But, let’s not lose sight of what we can still do to help our communities and our economy rebound.

This is Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Troy Downing. I know some of you have heard that the Legislature passed a bill to prohibit employers from requiring their employees to be vaccinated or show proof of vaccination in most workplaces. House Bill 702 may also prohibit employers from giving incentives to employees who get vaccinated but, it does not prohibit employers from discussing or encouraging vaccinations.

Under the law, a business owner can still recommend employees get vaccinated and may allow employees time to recover from medication or vaccination side effects. We all need to do what we can to put an end to the COVID pandemic for good. As your Montana State Auditor, I am asking all employers to join me in encouraging their employees to get vaccinated. Although we are seeing reductions in infections and hospitalizations, let’s do what we can to reduce the chances of a future resurgence.

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