The Office of the Montana State Auditor, Commissioner of Securities and Insurance (CSI), generates the third most revenue of any agency in the State. Of that revenue, only a small percentage is used to fund the agency. The remaining funds are transferred to the State General Fund, the Healthy Montana Kids Program, and other state-based programs.


Revenue Generated from
Fees and Fines
Revenue Transferred to
the General Fund
Dollars Provided for
the Healthy MT Kids Program
Dollars Provided for
the Montana Help Act

2021 Legislative Priorities

The Office of the Montana State Auditor is a criminal justice agency charged with protecting Montana’s consumers through insurance and securities education, regulation, and advocacy. Insurance and securities have changed over the years but the responsibility of the Commissioner to Montana consumers has not changed. In the 2021 legislative session (67th regular session), Commissioner Downing is proposing a package of common-sense and bipartisan legislation that aligns with his agency’s top priorities:

  • Protecting Consumers
  • Lowering Consumer Cost
  • Reducing excessive or unnecessary government regulation
  • Protecting the Integrity of the Insurance and Securities Industry
  • Promoting the development and expansion of insurance markets
  • Expanding Consumer Options and Advocacy in Healthcare

Commissioner Downing has worked diligently to bring forward the following insurance and securities legislation:


  1. Provide for restitution for consumers in insurance cases
  2. Expand telemedicine to align with technology and current clinical practices
  3. Grow the captive insurance market in Montana by eliminating unnecessary exams
  4. Reduce the numbers of years automobile and homeowners’ insurance underwriters can review adverse claims history
  5. Exempting Montana State Fund from the Montana Information Technology Act and the Montana Procurement Act
  6. Expanding access to healthcare alternatives, such as health sharing ministries and direct patient care models


  1. Require supervisors of brokers, typically living out of state, to be licensed in Montana
  2. Protect whistleblowers from retaliation if reporting fraud
  3. Maintain funding of Securities Restitution Fund to reimburse victims of fraud

Tracked Bills

TitleBill #SponsorRead BillFact SheetBill Status
Expand TelemedicineHB 43KnudsenTextFACT SHEETStatus
Captives ExaminationsSB 28SalomonTextFACT SHEETStatus
AccreditationHB 80Seekings-CroweTextFACT SHEETStatus
Insurance HousekeepingHB 63DoolingTextFACT SHEETStatus
Securities HousekeepingHB 41FunkTextFACT SHEETStatus
Supervisor RegistrationHB 65MooreTextFACT SHEETStatus
Uniform Whistleblower ActHB 64MooreTextFACT SHEETStatus
Securities Restitution FundHB 66MooreTextFACT SHEETStatus
Repeal Med Mal AssociationHB 74GilletteTextFACT SHEETStatus
Captives FeesSB 76SalomonTextFACT SHEETStatus
Workers Compensation ModernatizationHB 118RicciTextFACT SHEETStatus
Homeowner Look Back HB 195RicciTextFACT SHEETStatus
Auto Look BackHB 117RicciTextFACT SHEETStatus
Direct Patient Care Safe HarborSB 101SmithTextFACT SHEETStatus
Insurance Restitution Authority LC1098VintonTextFACT SHEETStatus
Health Sharing ArrangementsSB 149McGillvrayTextFACT SHEETStatus
Insurance Rate DiscriminationLC1097TextFACT SHEETStatus
Repeal Certificate of NeedHB 231ReigierTextFACT SHEETStatus

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