File a Complaint

The Office of the Montana State Auditor, Commissioner of Securities and Insurance have staff dedicated to helping consumers resolve complaints against insurance companies. We are also a criminal justice agency that investigates and prosecutes fraud related to insurance and securities.

If you are having issues with your insurance or investments, please let us know. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the Commissioner’s office offers several ways to report your concern. If you prefer to talk over the phone or if you have questions about our online reporting options, call the Commissioner’s office at 800-332-6148.



Problems or Questions

The Commissioner handles most insurance problems involving home, business, auto, health, life, etc. Those problems may include coverage issues, claim disputes, premium problems, sales misrepresentations, policy cancellations, and refunds, just to name a few. The Commissioner will also investigate all complaints against insurance agents, adjusters and consultants.

File an Insurance Complaint

If you believe your insurance agent or company isn’t licensed or is selling you a bogus policy, report the suspected fraud to our office. If you are an industry professional who suspects a policyholder is committing insurance fraud by filing a bogus or exaggerated claim, please let us know.

Report Insurance Fraud
Issues and Fraud

You can file a complaint against your investment broker, dealer, or firm if you suspect theft or fraud. If you are an investment broker, dealer, or firm and you suspect another agent, broker, or firm is committing fraud, you can file a complaint for our office to investigate.

File a Securities Complaint