Want to manage your money with confidence?

Women think, spend, and invest money differently. That’s why Montana’s Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Monica J. Lindeen is bringing women together for a free, one-day workshop to talk about money: no financial experience necessary. Warning: this event may shift the way you think about money, and maybe even your life.

The Penny conference will be free to attendees and will be held in Missoula January 20, 2016.

The Penny Conference
January 20, 2016
University of Montana School of Business Administration
Missoula, MT

At Penny, you’ll build your financial confidence, competence, and network.

Need advice on how to set and achieve your goals?

At Penny, you’ll hear personal stories from people who’ve changed their lives through smart financial decisions. And, because each of us is our own unique stage-of-life, Penny will offer breakout sessions to give you the chance to learn more about financial topics that interest you.

Check Out the Agenda

How? Attendees will learn from each other’s experiences through the following:

• Practical breakout sessions from designing budgets to salary negotiation;
• Discussions on the unique strengths of women who invest, and how to avoid fraud;
• Lots of advice tailored to your unique stage of life; and
• So much more, we’ve got lots in store for you! You can check out a draft agenda here.

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