Invest in Montana

Invest in Montana

“The purpose of our Invest in Montana tour is to create a dialogue with business leaders, economic development organizations, business incubators, and community leaders to promote investment in Montana and support businesses as they start up and/or grow their existing operations. We have talented people, great businesses, and an unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit in Montana. By raising capital, Montanans can leverage those assets to start new businesses, expand existing ones, and create more good-paying jobs in every community under the Big Sky.” -Commissioner Matt Rosendale

Capital Formation

Raising capital to start or grow your business is an important step toward the success of your company.

When you raise money from friends, family members or other individuals to finance an enterprise, you may be “offering or selling a security”, an action governed by Montana Securities law. These laws require certain disclosure to investors, and may require filing with the Montana Securities Department at the Office of the Montana State Auditor.

Since securities laws can be complicated, you should consult with a knowledgeable securities professional, an attorney or the staff of the Securities Department when planning a securities offering in Montana. Our staff is available to assist small businesses with questions and also conduct presentations. It does not represent legal or financial advice. Please visit our Capital Formation page to learn more.


Matt Rosendale’s Invest in Montana Tour

Commissioner Matt Rosendale and securities staff from the Office of the Montana State Auditor are traveling throughout the Treasure State in 2018 to open a dialogue with business and community leaders and educate Montanans on capital formation.

Invest in Montana presentations and roundtable events will focus on the basics of capital formation, sources of capital, types of securities, how to properly offer and sell securities under Montana law, investor disclosure requirements, exemptions to registering securities, crowdfunding, and other items. Representatives from the U.S. Small Business Administration are also presenting at each event on programs and resources available through their office to help Montana’s small businesses.

Please visit our Events page for details on an Invest in Montana event near you.