Summer Travel Tips

Insurance Travel Tips

Health Insurance

Will your health insurance cover you overseas?

Your health insurance may not cover you.

Health insurance policies, including Medicare, may not cover you overseas or on a cruise flying under a foreign flag. Contact your health insurance carrier to find out what coverage you do have when you’re traveling.

Home Insurance

Do you need more insurance when renting a vacation home?

If you’re renting a property or exchanging homes with another family this summer, your homeowners insurance policy might extend to the property where you’ll be staying. Generally, as a renter you are not responsible for damages caused by unavoidable accidents, such as faulty plumbing. However, there are circumstances where you could be considered partially responsible for damages due to negligence, and you may be expected to pay for them.

Auto Insurance

Need a lift? Towing might be included.

Before you leave on a road trip, check your car insurance policy to see if you have towing and labor or emergency roadside service. Coverages and limits are different for each carrier, but typically, this coverage will pay the cost of towing your car to a repair shop if it is unable to be driven. Also, it may cover tire changing, delivery of gas, oil or water, battery services or lockout services.

Home Insurance

Left a sprinkler on?

A couple hours into your journey and realize you are still watering the lawn at home?

Unfortunately, your homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover damage from water that originated outside of the home. As a precaution, always make sure you’ve turned your hose or sprinkler system off before pulling out of the driveway. In case it slipped your mind, call a friend or neighbor to help you out.

Auto Insurance

Do you need the extra rental car coverage?

If you have a car insurance policy, call your insurance company to find out which coverages extend to your rental car. Typically the limits and deductibles on your policy still apply to your rental car as long as you drive it for personal use. Also, if you pay for a rental car with a credit card, there might be additional rental car coverage provided.

Home Insurance

My stuff got damaged. Am I covered?

Personal belongings you take on vacation – such as a laptop, camera or clothing – are generally covered by your primary homeowners policy. Read your homeowners policy before going out of town so that you know if there is a maximum amount it pays for a loss. If you don’t feel you have enough insurance for the belongings you plan to take, you may consider additional or temporary personal property coverage.

Auto Insurance

Have a run-in with a wild animal? Take these steps.

After hitting an animal with your vehicle, the first call should be to the police. You’ll want to alert them if the animal is blocking traffic and if there has been injury or property damage. Document the incident by taking photos of the roadway, damage to your vehicle, and any injuries. Make sure your vehicle is still safe to drive. If it isn’t call for a tow. Call your insurance agent so they can file and process your claim.

Travel Insurance

Do I need traveler’s insurance?

Travel insurance may not be appropriate for all trips and you may have some coverage from policies you already have – such as a life, health or homeowners/renter’s policy. Read your policy or speak with your insurance agent or company to find out more about what personal property and medical coverage you already have that could provide protection while you’re traveling.

Some credit card companies also offer travel insurance if you pay for the reservation with your credit card. When making your decision, check to see if your company offers those benefits.

Health Insurance

Need emergency care when traveling out of your health insurance network?

Insurance plans can’t require higher copayments or coinsurance if you get emergency care from an out-of-network hospital. They also can’t require you to get prior approval before getting emergency room services from a provider or hospital outside your plans network.

Home Insurance

What insurance do I need to rent my home as a vacation rental?

Are you planning to rent out your primary residence for short periods, but on a regular basis? A standard homeowners insurance policy does not extend to a home or apartment you consistently rent out. To be properly covered you would need to purchase a different type of policy. Contact your insurance agent to find an insurance type that will properly cover your property.

Home Insurance

Dorm-bound? Your student’s stuff may be covered.

Most parents’ homeowners insurance policies provide protection for college student’s belongings while they are away from home. The rules vary by insurer, but most require the student to be living on campus, enrolled in school full-time and younger than 26. Students who live off campus might not be covered at all. In this case, you should look into renter’s insurance.