2 state officials decline state pay increase

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By: Phil Drake

Two state officials said Friday they have declined or would reject a pay increase that went into effect for elected executive officials July 1, saying they could not do so given the state’s current financial situation.

State Auditor Matt Rosendale made his request July 5 and a spokesman for Elsie Arntzen, superintendent of public instruction, said she has been talking to legal counsel about the proper steps to follow to reject the raise…

The law states that elected officials may decline all or part of the listed salary increases.

In a July 5 email to the Human Resources Division of the Department of Administration, Rosendale wrote:

“Please DO NOT implement a pay increase for me.
Thank you.
Matt Rosendale”…

“I try to run this agency in the same fashion that I have run my business,” Rosendale said in an email to the Tribune. “I never have taken a raise at a time that our revenues were declining, and that is exactly the position Montana is in right now. Because of that, I don’t feel that it is prudent for me to accept an increase in my compensation.”

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