After savage hail storm pounds Roundup, the race is on for contractors and repair businesses

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By: Matt Hudson

Roundup residents are seeing more trucks, trailers and yard signs bearing the names of roofing contractors these days.

The rush to repair is on after a May 31 hailstorm battered the town’s roofs, windshields, windows and cars and anything else left exposed.

That means there is lots of work for contractors and businesses who have flooded the town in the storm’s wake to meet the demand for repairs…

Contractors, government officials and burned homeowners have long cautioned against forking over large construction deposits too early and doing business with unlicensed roofers.

State Auditor Matt Rosendale’s office cautions consumers to be wary of high-pressure contractors who have no references, cannot produce a contractor’s license or offers to submit an insurance claim on the customer’s behalf.

A contractor asking for a deposit in excess of materials costs should also raise red flags. Musselshell County Disaster and Emergency Services director Floyd Fisher said he’s heard of some cases.

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