Auditor presents workshop on women’s investing, savings and retirement

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By: Derek Hann

The Montana state auditor and members of his staff were in Havre Thursday hosting a financial and investment education workshop, Money Matters for Montana Women.

The workshop focused on the needs of women in investing and finances.

Rosendale…Deputy Auditor Kris Hansen and other staff from the State Auditor’s Office hosted a Women Thursday in Havre at the Havre Inn and Suites.

“More and more women are playing bigger and bigger roles in the financial decisions and earnings of households across the state, and many could be in a position to start, buy or grow small businesses,” Matt Rosendale said…

He said that in addition to regulating insurance and securities and serving as a criminal justice agency, prosecuting white-collar crimes, the state auditor’s office also has a mission to educate investors and promote capital formation…

The Money Matters for Montana Women workshop, which is being put on around the state, is an event geared toward women because they are a growing force in the workplace and are taking more responsibilities in regards to finances, he said. He added that a number of small businesses are shutting down across the state because business owners, who are retiring, are having a hard time finding people to take over after they are gone. The Small Business Administration estimates that about 10,000 jobs in Montana are at risk of disappearing because of this issue, but it also creates an opportunity for more people to step into leadership roles or start new businesses.

The workshop focuses on helping people better understand investing, saving, financial planning, taking financial risks and fraud prevention, he said. The workshop is also aimed at helping people understand the role of Social Security and Medicare.

“I believe it’s critically important that you understand how they interact with where you are going and your income and make sure we preserve those programs also going into the future,” Rosendale said.

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