Bullock Vetoes Health Transparency Bill

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By: Katheryn Houghton

Gov. Steve Bullock has vetoed the third bill in a series of Republican lawmakers’ attempts to overhaul how Montana residents can access and pay for health care…

Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Matt Rosendale called the Governor’s action “short-sighted” and “politically motivated.”

“In no other industry do customers have to wait until they after they purchase a service before they find out how much it costs,” Rosendale said in a press release on Tuesday. “We’re never going to be able to drive down the cost of health care if Montanans aren’t even allowed to know what those costs are in the first place.”

The bill passed with fairly strong support in the House and Senate, with a final 42-8 vote in the Senate.

Legislators will be polled to see if there’s a two-third majority in each house that wants to override the veto. So far this year, lawmakers have yet to override one of the governor’s vetoes.

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