Oped: Montanans like Montana

csimt 2015, Op-ed, Press Release

We have bumper stickers that proclaim our state area code. We wear shirts decorated with nothing more than the outline of our state – and they look wonderful. We love helping each other out. We go out of our way to buy Montana products and hire other Montanans.

Safeco Fined $95K

csimt 2015, Press Release

One of the nation’s largest insurance companies has agreed to pay a $95,000 fine and rebate dozens of Montanans to resolves a dispute with the office of Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica J. Lindeen, which alleged the company was shortchanging Montana auto accident victims.

Fireproofing Your Insurance?

csimt 2015, Insurance, Press Release

As Montana kicks off Wildfire Awareness Month this May, Insurance Commissioner Monica J. Lindeen is encouraging Montanans who live in fire-prone areas to keep an inventory of their belongings – and know how to retrieve it should they experience fire damage.

Lindeen: Are You Ready for Retirement?

csimt 2015, Press Release, Securities

With approximately one in four Montanans aged 60 or over, Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Monica Lindeen urged Montanans to take the reins of their own retirement planning during National Retirement Planning Week, which runs through Friday.