Commissioner Troy Downing Suspends Bail Bondsman’s License

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Commissioner Troy Downing Suspends Bail Bondsman’s License

Cites Significant Risk to Public Safety

Helena, Mont.- Citing a significant risk to public safety, Commissioner Troy Downing summarily suspended the license of Montana bail bondsman, Adam Patrick Lee, following multiple alleged violations of the law arising from violent fugitive recovery operations.

According to CSI’s License Suspension and Opportunity for Hearing“The Commissioner finds that there is a significant risk that Respondent will continue to conduct coercive, dishonest, dangerous, and illegal bonding and recovery operations…in violation of the Insurance Code. The Commissioner therefore finds that it is imperative that Respondent’s surety insurance producer license is summarily suspended…to protect the safety and welfare of the public.”

Lee is alleged to have endangered the public, including causing damage to people and property on at least two occasions in Broadwater and Park County. Commissioner Downing also alleges defendants on bond with Lee were paid or offered rebates in exchange for performing tasks, including assistance in fugitive recovery operations.

Included in the attached license suspension document are multiple allegations leading to CSI summarily suspending Mr. Lee’s surety bail insurance license. Brief descriptions are included below:

  • In October 2020, Lee and two employees allegedly went door to door in a trailer park in Park County, brandishing firearms and breaking a window, in an attempt to apprehend a defendant on bond. Arriving at the defendant’s aunt and uncle’s residence, Lee was informed the defendant was not home and asked to leave. However, after making threatening statements, Lee was allowed to enter the premises. Following an incident inside the home, the defendant’s uncle was tased and placed in handcuffs. The defendant was not located in the home. As a result of the incident, Lee was charged with assault with a weapon (felony), intimidation (felony), tampering with evidence (felony), and several misdemeanors.
  • A year later in September 2021, Lee allegedly fired into the back window of a defendant’s vehicle attempting to drive away at the Town Pump in Three Forks, MT. Lee claimed he hit the window with his hand causing the glass to break, but an investigation by law enforcement found a 9mm casing at the scene. The State Crime Lab confirmed the casing was fired from the same gun recovered from Lee’s vehicle. Lee was charged with two counts of felony assault with a weapon.
  • Lee is alleged to have violated Montana law by paying, rebating, or offering to rebate the amount defendants owed on their bond in exchange for performing tasks, such as assisting in fugitive recovery operations.
  • Evidence suggests Lee employed coercive and dishonest bonding practices. A booking sergeant at the Gallatin County Detention Center reported multiple instances when Lee brought in a defendant on a self-initiated bond revocation and immediately bonded the defendant back out to implement additional fees.
  • Finally, Commissioner Downing alleges Lee operated under a business name without licensing or registering the business name with the Office of the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance.

Notice of Immediate License Suspension and Opportunity for Hearing