Cybersecurity experts try to ‘scare the pants off’ Billings businesses with hacking stories

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By: Matt Hoffman

Eric Fulton described how he camouflaged himself in a suit to slip unnoticed into businesses, coffee and papers in hand, where he fleeced their electronic networks — swiping login information, identifying weaknesses in security systems, even lifting an entire computer.

Fulton, the CEO of Treasure State Internet did it all with those businesses’ permission; he’s a computer security expert who gets hired to try to beat security systems so businesses can correct flaws. He revealed his methods to a group of Billings-area businesspeople at a conference Wednesday to “scare the pants off them.”

Fulton and other experts spoke about the risks hackers pose to data collected and stored on business’ networks at the Montana Cybersecurity Summit in Billings. The summit was hosted by Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Matt Rosendale.

Speakers referenced a variety of hacks, from the Equifax hack that potentially exposes data from almost 150 million Americans to the Columbia Falls school attackers where hackers manipulated personal information to threaten students in an attempt to extort a ransom from the school district.

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