Deadline to Enroll for Jan. 1 Health Insurance Coverage Nears

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HELENA – Montanans seeking individual and small-group health insurance plans have until December 15 to enroll in a plan that will take effect on January 1 and Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance is urging Montanans to shop around now for the plan that best fits their needs and budgets.

“Shopping for health insurance can be complicated,” said Lindeen. “There are many different plans available through three different companies. People should take a close look at what’s being offered and make sure they find coverage options that best suit them.”

Montanans can enroll in plans and see if they qualify for the tax credit at

More than 85 percent of Montanans applying for plans through qualify for a tax credit to offset premium costs.

Montanans can find contact information for local health insurance navigators, counselors, and certified insurance agents who are specifically trained to help Montanans find coverage at

The vast majority of Montanans get coverage from employer-based large-group plans, Medicare or Medicaid, and do not need individual plans. For those who do need coverage, the CSI office has posted Information on all individual and small-group plans available in Montana at

To get coverage that takes effect January 1, people must enroll on or before December 15. Enrollment is open until January 31 for coverage that takes effect in February or March 2017.