Downing Offers Tips to Those Affected by the Windstorm

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Downing Offers Tips to Those Affected by the Windstorm

Due to the recent severe wind activity around Montana, here are a few tips if you have suffered a property damage loss due to wind:

What’s Covered?

  • Structural & Personal Property Damage – Wind is a basic insured peril and is generally covered under most property/homeowner insurance policies.  If your policy does cover wind damage, a deductible will usually apply. Some policies may have a specific deductible for damage caused by wind.  Your deductible is the amount you may pay out-of-pocket before your insurance kicks in to help pay for a covered claim. If your policy does cover wind damage, it will only pay up to the limit you chose when you purchased coverage.
  • Additional Living Expenses – Most standard property/homeowner insurance policies include coverage for additional living expenses (or loss of use) if your house is uninhabitable. These expenses can include rent, hotel stays, and more.
  • Tree Removal – If a tree damages an insured structure on your property, or becomes an obstacle for drivers like blocking a driveway, your property/homeowner insurance may help cover the costs to remove the tree, typically up to $500 to $1,000.

What Do I Do Now?

  • Mitigate Damages – Take action immediately to prevent further damage, e.g., make temporary repairs, board up broken windows, tarp your roof.  You should also take photos of the damage.  Be sure to keep receipts for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred.
  • File a Claim – Contact your insurance company to put them on notice of your damages as soon as possible.
  • Building Contractor – Contact a building contractor to secure an estimate for the repair of any building or structure damage.

Remember, it is extremely important to read your policy to understand the coverage it provides due to wind damage.   Each policy will spell out certain things that are covered and others that are excluded, but they can vary from company to company.  If you have any questions or if you feel your insurance company is not handling your loss according to the terms of your policy, please call the CSI for assistance.  We are happy to help!