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Lindeen brings sketch comedy financial literacy program to Montana middle schools

HELENA — Middle school students across Montana will learn valuable financial literacy skills this week as an award-winning children’s theater troupe tours Montana at the invitation of Montana Securities Commissioner Monica J. Lindeen.

The National Theatre for Children will be performing around the state from Sept. 28 through Oct. 2, performing Pennies to Paychecks, a presentation that entertains as well as educates. The presentation comes at no cost to Montana schools.

“This is the fourth year we’ve brought financial theater to communities throughout Montana,” said Lindeen. “These performances teach how money matters apply to everyday life. We think it is essential to be proactive in teaching the value of saving a dollar in a way that is designed to resonate with young people”

During the 40-minute play, comprised of a series of comedic sketches, students learn how to prioritize their needs and wants, the difference between saving and investing, the difference between cash and credit and the importance of forming a savings habit.

While the performance and educational content is completely scripted, the shows are designed to incorporate elements of improvisation and lots of student participation. At the beginning of each scene, actors ask for suggestions from the audience that is then humorously integrated into the show.

The concepts examined in the sketch comedy are reinforced by student workbooks and teacher guides for educators to use in their lessons. Schools also gain access to digital learning materials to supplement their lessons with interactive classroom exercises, quizzes and games based around the program.

The performances will be in Hamilton, Missoula, Frenchtown, Montana City, East Helena, Butte, Dillon and Billings, with complete details below:

Tour Schedule

Date Middle School Town
9/28/2015 Hamilton Middle School Hamilton
9/28/2015 Washington Middle School Missoula
9/29/2015 Meadow Hill Middle School Missoula
9/29/2015 Frenchtown Junior High Frenchtown
9/30/2015 Montana City School Montana City
9/30/2015 East Valley Middle School East Helena
10/1/2015 East Middle School Butte
10/1/2015 Dillon Middle School Dillon
10/2/2015 Lewis & Clark Middle School Billings
10/2/2015 Castle Rock Middle School Billings

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