GOP’s failed attempts at health care reform spark Montana debate

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By: Phil Drake

Montana’s two U.S. senators split down party lines Tuesday on the GOP’s failed attempts to do a clean repeal of the Affordable Care Act within two years and replace it, with one saying Montana’s current system is in dire straits and the other accusing Republicans of playing politics.

The effort for a repeal of the current health care plan, also called Obamacare, by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell imploded quickly Tuesday after three Republican senators denied the votes needed to move the proposal forward…

The latest developments in the Senate brought reaction closer to home.

Matt Rosendale, the state securities and insurance commissioner, supported the repeal, saying Obamacare has been driving insurance prices up and limiting the choices people have to access health care.

“It needs to be repealed, and Montana needs the flexibility to develop our own unique solutions to meet the needs of our most vulnerable citizens,” he said.

Rosendale said state lawmakers are “capable of crafting made-in-Montana policies to ensure transparency, bring down prices, and protect those with preexisting conditions.”

“I’m going to keep fighting for reform because the current system is broken and the people of Montana deserve better,” Rosendale said.

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