Governor vetoes bill allowing for health-coverage waivers

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By: Katheryn Houghton

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock has vetoed a bill that would have allowed the state to respond to federal health-care law reforms by applying for “innovation waivers.” The waivers would have allowed Montana to turn toward high-risk health insurance pools.

The bill was one of seven that Bullock vetoed on Monday.

Montana State Auditor Matt Rosendale, a Republican, said Bullock’s veto was a misstep. Rosendale’s office regulates insurance in Montana.

“Montanans will suffer because the governor refuses to accept the reality of the health insurance market and refuses to even listen to any new approaches toward solving the problem of high health-care costs,” Rosendale said in a statement on Tuesday.

Rosendale said House Bill 652 would have helped stabilize the state’s health insurance marketplace and reduce the cost of insurance — whether the U.S. Congress decides to repeal the Affordable Care Act or keep it in place.

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