Important Information for Montanans Affected and Threatened by Wildfires

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HELENA, Mont. – Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Matt Rosendale is reminding Montanans who have been affected by or are at risk of wildfires to be aware of insurance best practices during disasters.

“The Lodgepole Fire Complex is devastating people in Eastern Montana and other fires continue to grow around the state,” Rosendale said. “For those who have lost homes or property, our agency is ready to assist with any insurance issues once the immediate danger has passed and it’s time to begin the rebuilding process. Make sure to take photos of damage before it’s cleaned up, and keep receipts of all costs associated with any evacuations.”

For Montanans who are at risk of wildfires, a free checklist is available here to take inventory of possessions that could be damaged or lost during a fire. Paper inventories should be stored in a fireproof safe, and Rosendale recommends keeping a digital backup in the cloud in case physical records are destroyed. Keeping an inventory of assets will make the process of accounting for potential fire losses faster and easier.

After a fire, Montanans should take photos of all damage before it is cleaned up. If you are evacuated, save all receipts of hotel stays and other costs associated with evacuation, as some of those costs may be covered by insurance if documented with receipts.

Montanans who experience losses from wildfire and have questions about their insurance policy or an issue with their insurance company should contact Rosendale’s office at (406) 444-2040 or at