Lindeen Releases Annual Medicare Supplement Rate Guide

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Montanans can comparison shop before buying a plan

HELENA, Mont. – Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica J. Lindeen has released an unbiased buyer’s guide for the complicated topic of Medicare Supplement insurance; a kind of insurance many seniors buy to cover the medical costs Medicare leaves behind.

The free guide lists the prices for 10 standard Medicare Supplement insurance plans and the under 65 plans. It also explains in easy to understand terms what the plans cover and gives practical advice on how to compare plans.

“Medicare Supplement insurance is complicated, but we make it easy,” Lindeen said. . “We won’t tell you what – or even if – to buy, but if you’re looking for this insurance, we are the source for free, unbiased information. We are insurance experts who work for all Montanans.”

The guide is published on the Insurance Commissioner’s website here and as an ebook. Montanans may obtain a free, printed version by calling the Commissioner’s office at 1-800-332-6148.

Medicare doesn’t cover 100 percent of an enrollee’s medical expenses. Medicare Part B, for example, is generally for outpatient medical services, like routine office visits. Enrollees must first pay a deductible before Medicare covers any expenses. After that, the program covers 80 percent of medical expenses. To cover the remaining 20% many seniors turn to Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Some 33 companies are included in the guide. Lindeen’s guide lists what the plans cover and what they cost – all in one place, making it easier for Montanans or their caregivers to compare plans side-by-side.

Lindeen’s office also has a companion guide found here that explains Medicare, Medicare supplement insurance and other elements of insurance.