Lindeen’s Cost Saving “Medical Homes” Bill Advances to House

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HELENA, Mont. – Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Monica J. Lindeen applauded Monday the bipartisan passage of Senate Bill 84, which promotes a Lindeen initiative to lower the cost of health care. SB84 provides structure and standards for a Montana patient-centered medical home program, as well as necessary anti-trust protection for insurers to properly reimburse providers who adopt the model.

“I thank legislators for their hard work so far on this important piece of legislation. Of all the legislation pending this session, this bill has the best chance to get a handle on skyrocketing health care costs,”said Lindeen. “Many clinics and insurers have already seen the success of the medical home model. Now legislators should pass SB 84 so the law can catch up with the market.”

The PCMH model places a focus on preventative care, increased access and greater coordination. Lindeen’s office created the bill in consultation with her Patient-Centered Medical Home Advisory Council, made up of insurers, health care providers, and patient advocates. At its initial hearing, the bill had overwhelming support from hospitals across the state and major insurers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana.