Lost your job amid COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s some insurance options in Montana.

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By: Andrea Lutz

Montana Commissioner of Insurance and Securities Matt Rosendale says there are resources for those who don’t have coverage, and the time to act is now.

“I think that is the key to this right now. It’s like you can’t wait until you have an accident with the automobile and then go and get insurance, it doesn’t cover it then,” said Rosendale. “People need to go out right now and be covered.”

If a person has lost their health insurance because they were laid off from their job, there are several options and potential solutions, says Rosendale…

“Don’t wait until you get sick. Don’t go uncovered. That is really a big thing,” said Rosendale.

And there’s some good news for those who do have insurance still and may come in contact with COVID-19.

“So if you are forced to have a major hospital stay because of COVID-19 we are even starting to see information come down from the insurers, that they are they are eliminating a lot of the copays and deductibles,” said Rosendale…

So Rosendale encourages Montanans who are uninsured and having difficulty making payments to rent and bills to take action now.

“As soon as you see that you are going to have difficulty making those payments to any party, contact them immediately, because we are finding that everyone is making provisions and trying to work together so that we can all get through this very, very difficult circumstance,” he said.

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