Montana Uninsured Population Decreases

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Estimated 151,000 Montanans Still Lack Health Insurance

HELENA, Mont. – Montana saw a net increase of more than 23,000 people gaining health insurance coverage as of May 2015 according to preliminary statistics from the office of Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica J. Lindeen.

The percentage of Montanans continuing to lack health insurance has fallen to around 15 percent, down from about 20 percent two years ago. In total numbers, approximately 195,000 Montanans lacked health insurance in 2013, before the final changes required by the Affordable Care Act went into effect. Today, an estimated 151,000 Montanans lack health insurance.

I’m glad we’re continuing to see our uninsured population decline,” Lindeen said. “But, I would have liked to see the number of uninsured Montanans drop even more.

Lindeen’s office conducted a survey of Montana’s health insurance companies at the end of the national enrollment period, which ended in April. As she did last year, Lindeen’s office collected data on the number of insured Montanans at all Montana health insurance companies and new enrollees in both the Montana Medicaid and Healthy Montana Kids programs. The data gives a more detailed picture of how changes in health insurance are reducing the number of Montanans who lack health insurance.

The total net gain of insured Montanans is estimated at 23,246, although the study cautions that insurance is complicated and it is impossible to peg with certainty the precise number of insured Montanans at any point in time.