Northeast MT Insurance Company Celebrates 100 Years

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HELENA, Mont. – Insurance Commissioner Monica J. Lindeen congratulated this month the Richland Farm Mutual Insurance Company on its 100-year anniversary.

The company began in 1913 with 47 local farmers and has grown to cover more than 400 members.

“Richland Farm Mutual has been serving the people of its community – and all Montanans – for a century. They are truly a Montana success story. Congratulations!” said Lindeen.

Steve Matthews, chief financial examiner in Lindeen’s office, presented company leaders a certificate formally acknowledging the milestone at a meeting of the Montana Association of Mutual Insurance Companies this month.

When Richland Farm Mutual was founded, insurance companies would not regularly sell insurance to farms and homes beyond the reach of a municipal fire department. Richland Farm Mutual began as a way for neighbor to help neighbor by forming a mutual company to insure one another. Early meetings were held in the basement of the Danish Lutheran Church.

For more than 90 years, the company offices were located in the private homes of its secretaries. Today, the company has grown to include not only its own offices, but sells other lines of insurance beyond fire and has formed an agency, which allows the company to sell insurance of other carriers.