`Obamacare’ repeal advocates: Wiping out mandates will lower costs

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By: Mike Dennison

As far as state Auditor Matt Rosendale is concerned, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act can’t come soon enough – and he says that repeal is the first step toward getting a handle on rising health-care costs.

“The faster that we get to the place that the federal government gets out of the way and allows us to offer that broad spectrum of options for the people of Montana – that’s when we will start bending the cost curve down,” he told MTN News this week.

But as far as the Republican repeal plan before Congress? Rosendale, the first Republican state auditor and insurance commissioner in 24 years, says it doesn’t accomplish that goal quickly or completely enough.

“I’ve got a lot of problems with the plan,” he says.

The most damaging effects of the ACA have come from its mountain of mandates on health insurance and insurers, and as many as possible should be abolished, as quickly as possible, he says.

“The major downside of Obamacare is it never did address one of the biggest problems that folks face in health care right now, is that it did absolutely nothing to bend the cost curve down for health care costs,” he says.

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