Pay hikes kick in July 1 for some state elected officials

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By: Phil Drake

Some of Montana’s elected officials will have a little something extra in the paycheck as of July 1, thanks to a biennial survey that looks at what they make as compared to the same officials in surrounding states.

The percentages range from an 8.6 percent hike of the superintendent of public instruction to a low of 2.5 percent for the governor, secretary of state and public service commission members. In all, 71 people will be affected. That includes seven statewide elected officials, five PSC members, seven Supreme Court Justices, 51 district judges, and one Workers Comp Judge, said Anjenette Schafer, an administrator with the state human resources division in the Department of Administration…

The survey notes that elected officials can decide not to accept the raise. State Auditor Matt Rosendale will refuse his, just like he did in 2017, a spokesman said. He is telling staff to keep his salary at $92,236, the same as it was when he was sworn as auditor on Jan. 2, 2017.

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