Pharmacy industry ‘middlemen’ settle Montana case

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By: Katheryn Houghton

A company that influences drug prices has agreed to pay up to $375,000 for an independent examination of its records after Montana officials accused it of acting illegally.

State leaders are using the news as a platform for their push for legislation that makes the pharmaceutical pipeline industry more transparent in Montana.

In June, Montana Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale took action against two multi-billion-dollar companies for allegedly operating without a Montana license since 2013. He said they needed to give more information around the cost of care before they could get the state’s approval…

“The drug industry hides behind its complexity and claims it has consumers’ best interests at heart. The data will prove whether that claim is true or false,” Rosendale said…

“This [case] is one component of a massive effort to tackle drug cost,” Schmauch said.

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