Prescription Management Company Reaches $375,000 Settlement With State Of Montana

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By: Corin Cates-Carney

The company that negotiates deals between pharmacies, prescription drug makers and Montana’s biggest health insurance company has agreed to a $375,000 settlement with the Montana state auditor.

Earlier this year, Auditor Matt Rosendale’s office went after pharmacy benefit management companies, what it calls the ‘middle men’ in the world of prescription drugs. Rosendale alleged those companies are violating Montana insurance law by operating in the state without a license.

This week, it settled one of several ongoing cases, with Prime Therapeutics.

Auditor’s Office Spokesman Kyle Schmauch says Prime agreed to pay $375,000 for an independent review of the company’s data, which will help the state get a better handle on how the prescription drug industry works.

“And the costs that are associated with the shady activities of the pharmacy benefit managers.”

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