Ranger Review: Snowpack Causes Flooding Concerns

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By: Jason Stuart

The office of State Auditor Matt Rosendale sent out a notice Monday encouraging Montanans living along the Yellowstone to purchase flood insurance ahead of this spring’s thaw. Rosendale, a resident of Dawson County, noted in his statement that it typically takes 30 days from purchase for a flood insurance policy to take effect and that those thinking of buying a policy should do so now so they are sure to be covered when the snows melt.

Rosendale also reminded people from personal experience about how suddenly and unexpectedly flooding from ice jams formed on the river can occur.

“People living near rivers or streams should be especially mindful, as ice jams can cause flooding earlier in the season than many expect,” Rosendale said. “One ice jam on the Yellowstone a couple years ago flooded about 800 acres of our ranch pasture and nearly came up to our house.”

As noted in Rosendale’s comments, it’s not just those living immediately along the Yellowstone who are at risk of flooding, and it’s not just the meltwater coming from upstream that local residents need to worry about.

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