Rosendale Calls on Tester to Take Action

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Commissioner to Sen. Tester: Doing nothing is not an option

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Matt Rosendale is calling on Senator Jon Tester to end the willful obstruction of any real health care reforms.

Rosendale delivered his letter to Tester in person at Tester’s Washington. D.C., office this morning. Rosendale’s letter comes in response to a letter from Tester earlier this week.


In his letter to Tester, Rosendale explained the reality of the United States’ health care system.

“The American health care system faced many serious challenges long before the ACA was passed, and Obamacare was riddled with so many critical flaws that it has created a whole new set of severe consequences for Montanans,” Rosendale wrote. “The willful obstruction of any real reforms, at both the federal and state levels, has only exacerbated these problems, and is unacceptable.”

Rosendale called on Tester to take action.

“Since Congress, an institution in which you serve, has so thoroughly made a mess of our health care system, I encourage you to stand up for bipartisan reforms at the state level. As you may know, your Democrat colleague, Montana’s Governor Steve Bullock, vetoed six bipartisan bills this year which would have helped address some of the concerns you expressed in your letter. Most notable to your concerns was House Bill 652, which would have allowed my office to pursue a 1332 innovation waiver from the federal government to establish a reinsurance system in Montana. Had it not been vetoed, HB 652 would have helped alleviate much of the uncertainty that is affecting 2018 rates,” Rosendale wrote.

“I also encourage you to release your specific ideas on how to either “fix” Obamacare’s failures, or what should replace it if it is repealed, so that we can have a truly honest discussion about solutions. I am sure you agree that Montanans deserve specific policy proposals, not just platitudes. Doing nothing is not an option,” Rosendale continued.

Rosendale reminded Tester that they had already discussed most of the issues raised in Tester’s letter at the beginning of May.

“Part of my commitment to being a strong advocate for consumers is ensuring that Montana’s voice gets heard in Washington during the health care reform debate. In fact, you and I personally discussed the exact issues outlined in your letter outside your Washington, D.C., office six weeks ago, on May 4. As I told you then, cost-sharing reduction funding should be guaranteed for 2018 to stabilize our insurance market while Montana insurers build their rates for next year.”

“I was also happy to meet with your staff, other key members of Congress, and federal agencies to reiterate that point, as well as several other policy priorities, including expanding Health Savings Accounts, equalizing the tax treatment of insurance plans, and giving states more flexibility to develop our own solutions to protect our most vulnerable citizens. To date, I have received no further communication from either you or your staff on those policy proposals.”

Rosendale also informed Tester that Montana’s health insurers have submitted their proposed rates for 2018, that the State Auditor’s office has begun its review process, and that Montanans will be equipped with transparent and honest information about the factors affecting their rates.

Rosendale’s letter to Senator Tester can be found HERE

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