Rosendale doubts health care repeal and replace will happen any time soon

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By: Holly Michels

Stories that ran in January, just days after Rosendale took over the office of Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, quoted the commissioner as saying his party’s long-promised “repeal and replace” of the law often called “Obamacare” wouldn’t happen anytime soon. On Tuesday, at a gathering of about 330 people who work in the insurance and securities industries, Rosendale pointed out his prediction was correct.

“Seven months later, Sept. 27, and we still do not have a repeal and that’s why as we went through the Legislative session my focus was on other things, what can we do at a state level to accommodate the health care needs of the state of Montana?”

Rosendale was the opening speaker at the Montana Insurance Summit, an event in Helena hosted by his office.

“The health insurance industry is facing major challenges and you will continue to hear me say that from my standpoint we want to focus on making sure folks have access to good health care.”

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