Rosendale on Health Care Options for Montanans: “Don’t Go Uncovered”

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By: Peter Christian

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread in Montana, State Auditor Matt Rosendale reminds everyone to ensure that they are covered by health care plans. Rosendale spoke to KGVO News about the options that are currently available to uninsured or underinsured Montanans…

“There are several options that we want to make sure folks are aware of,” Rosendale told KGVO. That’s direct primary care membership, short-term limited duration health insurance, and also the special enrollment period for ACA.”…

Rosendale reminds those seeking health care plans to consult with their insurance agent and to be aware of the fine print before purchasing a health care plan.

The most important thing is, “don’t go uncovered,” Rosendale said.

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