Rosendale Says Reinsurance Makes Health Insurance Rates Lower

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By: Peter Christian

Montana’s Commissioner of Insurance Matt Rosendale announced on Monday that open enrollment for all 2020 Obamacare healthcare insurance plans will begin on Friday, and that rates across the board will be lower.

“I’m really pleased to announce that every single health insurance plan sold in Montana’s individual market will be less that it was last year, every single one of them,” said Rosendale. “As a matter of fact, they’re going to average about $1,000 cheaper next year, and that is real money. There are some plans that will save consumers as much as $4,500 over the course of the year.”

Rosendale unleashed some big numbers associated with this reinsurance program.

“There’s going to be approximately $51 million in health insurance savings across the state of Montana because of this plan,” he said. “That’s $51 million this year alone, and that is a substantial savings.”

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