Rosendale Task Force Speaks To Seniors About Protection From Fraudulent Activity

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By: Michele Seadeek

“One in four Montanans is the victim of a scam,” says Montana Deputy Securities Commissioner Lynne Egan as she speaks to a large group of seniors and community members at the local Fairview Senior Center Wednesday, September 9.

Along with Lynne Egan, Office of the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance state auditor, Matthew Rosendale and his team spoke to the group about senior financial protection and prevention from becoming a victim.

Given the large increase in fraudulent activity in recent years, the newly formed task force’s main goal is to reduce crime within the state’s more vulnerable populations.

According to Egan, “seniors account for 20% of Montana’s population and hold approximately 70% of the state’s assets.” Rosendale says that because of those assets seniors have, “become a large target to scammers.”…

The task force was developed with eight Montana departments that will work together to increase consumer awareness and reduce the number of fraud victims in Montana. Rosendale’s staff reports that ultimately the state wishes to have four districts that will help support the task force’s goals.

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