Rosendale Welcomes Medi-Share to Montana

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HELENA, MT – Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Matt Rosendale today welcomed Medi-Share to Montana. Medi-Share is a non-insurance, health care sharing program offered by Christian Care Ministry.

“For far too long, we’ve been hearing the radio ads that say Medi-Share is not available in Montana. I’m excited to announce that as of this week, those ads have changed. Medi-Share is now available in Montana!” Rosendale said. “When I ran for State Auditor, I campaigned on making more health care options available for Montanans. Today I’m happy to report that we’ve achieved a milestone in that effort with the addition of Medi-Share to the options available in Montana.”

Until this week, Medi-Share was operating in every state except Montana. Montana’s exclusion was due to a 2007 District Court decision holding that the prior version of Medi-Share constituted insurance. Rosendale worked collaboratively with Christian Care Ministry to make sure the current Medi-Share program is in compliance with Montana’s laws, and found that the restructured, current version of Medi-Share is not insurance. Rosendale issued a No-Action Letter to the nonprofit on March 21 to allow them to start operating in the Treasure State.

“We are very excited to be able to offer our healthcare sharing program as an option for Montanans,” said Christian Care Ministry CEO Ted Squires.

“Sharing ministries are one more option for Montanans, and often are much more affordable than insurance in today’s market,” Rosendale said. “I’m working to expand access and reduce costs so Montanans can have many health care options that meet their own health care needs and budgets. We have to empower consumers with more options to drive down the cost of health care.”

While Medi-Share and similar health care sharing ministries are not insurance, they still comply with the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. Membership in sharing ministries more than doubled in the first six years after Obamacare became law, from about 200,000 participants in 2010 to more than 530,000 in 2016. Medi-Share is one of the largest sharing ministries in the country.

Rosendale’s No-Action Letter can be found here.

Audio of Medi-Share’s new “now available in Montana” ads can be found here and here.

Audio of Rosendale’s statements is available here.

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