‘Securities Bingo’ raises awareness of fraud for seniors

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By: Charlie Denison

On Thursday, State Auditor and Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Matt Rosendale stopped by the Fergus County Council on Aging to educate seniors on the dangers of fraud. He did this in a creative fashion, turning the lesson into a game of Securities Bingo with keywords from Securities Examiner Ryan Sullivan’s PowerPoint presentation written on the cards.

Fresh off bringing together the Senior Exploitation Task Force in Bozeman, Rosendale visited with COA regulars about how they can protect themselves from scams targeting the aging community…

Rosendale is trying to be proactive and is encouraging people to report these concerns, as the threat is “only going to get greater.”

“Senior citizens make up 20 percent of Montana’s population,” Rosendale said. “We are the second oldest state per capita, and they become prime targets as their faculties decline.”

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