Several Montana health insurers waive fees for coronavirus testing

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By: MTN News

Four major health insurance companies operating in Montana are voluntarily waiving customer costs such as copays and deductibles for coronavirus testing to aid in the state’s response to the virus known as COVID-19…

Each of the four insurance companies is taking its own specific steps to address coronavirus testing, and every insurance plan is different. Montanans should follow the guidance of medical professionals and discuss their specific insurance policy with their insurance company if they need to get tested for COVID-19.

State Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale said in a news release that he applauds the companies for taking these actions voluntarily and before Montana has a single known case of the coronavirus. “Montanans are coming together to respond to the coronavirus outbreak and help keep the Last Best Place healthy and safe,” Rosendale said. “I’m happy to see the four major health insurers in Montana are all taking these actions voluntarily without a government mandate. In Montana, we roll up our sleeves and help our neighbors when the going gets tough.”

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