State Auditor’s Office Helps Women Secure Financial Future

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By: Michelle Bigelbach

Commissioner of Securities and Insurance (CSI) Matt Rosendale, Deputy Securities Commissioner Lynne Egan and other staff from the State Auditor’s office made a stop in Glasgow on Oct. 8 as part of their Money Matters for Montana Women workshop tour, which also made a stop in Havre, Glendive and Billings. As they traveled throughout the state, CSI staff also met with seniors to discuss fraud prevention in Lewistown, Shelby, Malta, Fairview, Miles City and Columbus as well as trained law enforcement officials from across the state on how to prevent elder financial exploitation in Bozeman.

After opening statements from Rosendale, the workshop started with Egan providing her personal story on how after her father passed away, her mother had no knowledge of the financial aspects of the family due to her father taking care of it all…

The State’s Auditor Office decided to host this series of workshops as a result of more women playing bigger and bigger roles in the financial decisions and earnings of households. As a result, many could be in a position to start, buy or grow small businesses as current owners retire, so businesses don’t have to shut down. In rural Montana, current owners are not able to find someone to take over, which can cause a ripple effect in a community. The event not only provided education on how to prevent problems with investments but also gave women the tools to start, buy or grow business, which helps promote capital formation in Montana and improve the economy.

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