State Auditor’s office hosts Montana Cybersecurity Summit

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By: Mary Jane Belleza

In an effort to educate business owners safeguard their companies and their customers against cyber attacks, the State Auditor’s office hosts their first cyber security conference at the Double Tree Hilton in Billings.

With a high demand from businesses on how to protect themselves from hacks, the state auditor’s office is working to teach the public on how to protect themselves and their customers.

At today’s event, cyber security experts will teach attendees about data breaches, how to protect themselves from cyber attacks and what you can do about it.

“We have speakers talking about what Montana law requires as far as notifying consumers making sure if you are attacked and people’s data is taken you have to tell your customers that and try to work on correcting it,” said Kyle Schmauch, Communications Director from State Auditor’s Office.

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