The truth about direct primary care

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By: Greg Hertz

Direct primary care agreements are a fee-for-service contract between health care providers and patients, and are meant to cover preventive, routine or preliminary office visits. Primary care clinics are independent doctors’ offices that do not accept insurance or bill third parties. There have been several of these arrangements made available to consumers in Montana during the last six months. The most recent is Dr. Cara Harrop, who will open a clinic in Polson…

In March 2017, the Legislature again passed a bill allowing direct primary care, this time with the support of nine Democrats. Bullock again vetoed the bill.

Then in December 2017, Matt Rosendale, now the sitting commissioner of insurance, determined that the business of providing primary care does not fall under the business of insurance. With a simple advisory memo, Commissioner Rosendale authorized the use of primary care agreements, giving Montanans more options to meet their health care needs.

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