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You’ve worked hard for your money. Make it work harder for you – safely.

Whether your financial goals include building wealth or planning for retirement, the world of investing can be a bit unsettling. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed investment. Investing involves risk and a poor investment choice could lead to the disappearance of your hard-earned money.

You don’t need to be a financial expert to make smart decisions about your money. You can take steps to protect your money and have it grow at the same time.

A “security” is an intangible investment — stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. A gold bar, for example, is not a security. Stock in a precious metal fund is a security.

Here at the Montana Department of Securities, we strive to help you feel more secure in your investing opportunities. We regulate the professionals who offer and sell securities products in the state. We also register the security product they might be selling.

In addition to our regulatory function, we have the authority to investigate violations of the Securities Act of Montana. If you suspect you are the victim of a scam, let us know – we work to protect you.

Your Investing Rights

When you invest your money into a security you have rights that are protected under federal and state securities law. Learn more

How to Protect Yourself

While the vast majority of investments and the people who pitch them are legit, it pays to remember, there are a few bad apples out there. Learn more

Common Investing Scams

The top 10 most reported investing scams. Learn more


The Securities Department investigates investigates complaints about firms, salespeople, and securities scams. Learn more

Restitution Assistance Fund

The second of its kind in the nation, Montana’s fund helps victims of investment fraud recover a portion of what they lost when full restitution isn’t possible. Learn more

Living Trusts

There are commercial firms that sell “living trusts.” To ensure that these trusts are sold by people who have financial knowledge, Montana law requires that they be registered with the Securities Department. Learn more

Watch the Documentary

This documentary tells the shocking stories of two of Montana’s most infamous investment schemes in recent history. Learn more

Financial Field Manual

Members of the armed services can be deployed on short notice, leaving little time to address their personal or business affairs. Learn more
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