Rising Incidents of Insurance After the Fact

“Montana is experiencing an increasing trend in insurance fraud that is costing all of us by contributing to rising auto insurance rates. It’s called “insurance after the fact.”

This is Insurance Commissioner and Montana State Auditor Troy Downing. Insurance after the fact occurs when a driver suffers loss or damage to their vehicle while it is not covered by insurance. The driver then purchases auto insurance after the incident and claims the damage occurred after the policy took effect.

To be clear, this is insurance fraud and a crime. This is theft, not just from the insurance company, but from all of us who bear the burden through higher rates. The Commissioner’s office is not only a consumer protection agency but also a criminal justice agency.

To combat fraud and fight higher rates, prosecuting insurance fraud is a priority of this agency. In Montana, auto insurance is mandatory for all drivers. If you’re not currently covered, contact an insurance agent today.

Insuring after the fact hurts us all. The insurance companies are good at spotting fraud.

If you have questions or are aware of insurance fraud occurring, contact our team at 444-2040 or go to CSIMT.gov.”

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