Flooding After Wildfire

“Rain across the State gives us a glimmer of hope that fire season is coming to an end and fall is quickly approaching. Wildfires may be dying down, but there is still risk of property damage due to severe flooding after wildfires.

Wildfires can dramatically decrease the soil’s ability to absorb rainfall. As a result, even small amounts of precipitation can cause flash flooding and mudflows leading to significant loss or damage to property.

Property owners, particularly those in areas affected by wildfire, should consider purchasing flood insurance to protect themselves against flood. Now is the time to review your situation and determine your level of risk — most flood insurance policies take thirty days to become effective.

Whether you are considering private or federal flood insurance, our team can help you understand your risks and walk you through options to protect your home in case of flood damage. Contact us at 444-2040 or by going to CSIMT.gov.”

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