Winter is Coming

“Winter is coming. This is the harbinger of holidays, celebrations, sledding, skiing, and, unfortunately, slick winter roads. Driving down a highway on a snowy day, we often see cars and trucks that have run off the road, slid into a ditch, or worse. My first thought is “I hope nobody was hurt” and my second thought is “I hope they have good insurance”.

Before heading out on icy winter roads, make sure you are covered. This is a good time for a car insurance coverage review with your agent. It is important to not only cover damage or loss to your vehicle but liability if you happen to involve other drivers in an accident. Liability coverage can protect your financial future should there be large third-party claims.

Read your insurance policy and discuss your coverage with your insurance agent. Understand what your policy covers, what it does not, and how much your deductible is.  Make note of how to contact your insurance company following an accident and how to contact our office if your insurer is not holding their side of the bargain.

If you have questions about auto insurance, contact your agent. If you still have questions or concerns or, if you’ve been the victim of an accident and the other insurance company is inappropriately trying to contribute part of the blame on you, contact the CSI team at 444-2040 or by going to”

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