History up in flames: Denton has lost its skyline

DENTON, MT- Right now, the race is on to get resources to a small town of Denton Montana is on. The small farming community north of Stanford along Montana State Highway 81 was destroyed by fires.

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Governor Greg Gianforte will be on the ground in Denton to receive an incident command briefing on the west wind fire. The governor will also meet with local residents.

According to the governor’s office, the state deployed a county assist team to take control of the fire.

With Christmas just three weeks away and winter weather on its way, it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation.

The organizers of one of many GoFundMe say that Denton is close to their hearts.

Emily Hessler grew up in Denton and said the hardest thing was watching her hometown burn to the ground on social media.

Currently, their GoFundMe sits at $31,000, you can follow this link to make a donation.

So how can you help?

Opportunity Bank of Montana has started the Denton Fire Relief Fund with an initial deposit of $2,500 and an additional $5,000 in matching donations to benefit victims and evacuees.

You can send money here:

P.O. Box 1047, Denton, MT, 59430, or donations will be accepted at any opportunity bank branch statewide.

You can follow this link for more.

What to do if you lost your home?

Troy Downing the Commissioner securities and insurances says his agency stands ready to support people in need.

Downing says most homeowner insurance policies will cover living expenses such as hotels and food if you are forced out of your home.

So, if you’ve been evacuated, check your policy or call your agent. It is important to keep receipts and to document any expenses associated with your displacement.

If your home was damaged or destroyed by fire, create an inventory list of your belongings. Search through photos on your phone and social media of your home and property to create a more detailed list and better document losses for your insurance company.

Downing says the agency is here to help you work with your insurance company. If you have questions, reach out at 406-444-2040 or go to csimt.gov.

History up in flames:

The Fergus County Sheriff’s Office says 300 residents of Denton were evacuated and when they came back, things were not the same.

The Famers elevator that was built over 100 years ago is now gone.

Hessler says the town small in size yes, has lost its skyline.

Lawmakers in Washington D.C. are responding to the fire, Senator Daines’s office tells us that he has closely been monitoring the fires across the state including the West Wind Fire in Denton.

He’s been in contact with local officials and will continue to help ensure folks on the ground have the tools and resources they need to get the fire under control.

Senator Tester says my heart is heavy for the people of Denton and every Montanan who was suddenly uprooted by the fires across the state. My staff will be on the ground shortly to assist in any way we can, and we’re keeping first responders and all affected in our prayers.

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