Insurance After the Fact is Illegal

“Purchasing Car Insurance After The Accident is Fraud and Often a Felony

Purchasing car insurance from a smartphone is convenient. It takes just minutes to jump on the internet, get a quote, and purchase a policy. This doesn’t give license to purchase insurance “after the fact” and try to make an insurance claim.

This is Montana Insurance Commissioner Troy Downing.

Unfortunately, the ease of buying auto insurance is leading to increased fraud that drives up premiums for every driver. We all pay for insurance fraud with higher premiums. Our agency often sees drivers making claims after a car accident but before buying insurance. Sometimes they do this as they wait for the tow truck. This is called insurance after the fact.

Insurance after the fact is illegal. Insurance companies report fraud to us, and our team investigates and prosecutes cases, including many that rise to felonies. Insurance companies are smart and good at spotting fraudulent claims. Insurance premiums are cheaper than the fines, criminal record, possible prison, and attorney fees.

If you’re not insured, call an agent or go online to purchase a policy today. It only takes a few minutes.”

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