Steps to take for those with flood insurance

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While most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flood damage, the state commissioner of securities and insurance is encouraging those with flood coverage who have property loss to contact their insurance companies as soon as possible to start the claim process.

“Unfortunately, not all homeowners’ policies cover flood damage. The CSI team is here to assist homeowners in reviewing their insurance policy to determine if they have coverage and assist in filing claims and working with insurers to obtain benefits to which they are entitled,” Commissioner and state Auditor Troy Downing said in a statement Monday.

A press release from Downing’s office recommends those with flood insurance:

  • Contact their insurance company as soon as possible to report the loss.
  • Keep all receipts. Hotel rooms, food, clothing, and other expenses resulting from flooding may be reimbursed by their insurance company.
  • Preserve swatches of carpet and other upholstery. The quality of the materials in a home may affect the insurance payment amount.
  • Document losses. Create an inventory list of damaged or lost belongings. Search through photos on cellphones and social media of homes and property to create a more detailed list to better document losses for the insurance company. When safe to do so, take pictures and video of all damaged property. Do not remove damaged or destroyed property without adequately documenting the loss.
  • Contact the Office of the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance (CSI) with questions, concerns, and complaints.

The commissioner’s office is available at 444-2040 or by going to More information on flooding and flood insurance can be found at

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