Rosebud insurance agent’s license suspended by Commissioner Downing

Commissioner Troy Downing has suspended the insurance producer licenses of Kileen Moria Hadagone (License #106679) and Rosebud County Insurance Inc. (RCII).

Downing is the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, Montana State Auditor (CSI).

The licenses were suspended after it was determined that public safety and welfare required immediate emergency action, said a press release.

Permanent revocation of the producer licenses for both Hagadone and RCII is being pursued by Downing.

According to a press release, the Notice of Immediate License Suspension and Notice of Proposed Agency Action and Opportunity for Hearing (wherein permanent revocation of the licenses are sought) are public documents and contain factual information supporting the Commissioner’s actions against the licensees.

CSI was contacted on March 25 by Rosebud County Sheriff Allen Fulton with information regarding an ongoing investigation concerning Hagadone and RCII. Paid insurance premiums in full had been reported by several insurance customers to Hagadone/RCII and were notified by their insurance companies that their insurance policies were either subject to cancellation or had been canceled for non-payment of premium.

Attempts to pay premiums through bank accounts controlled by Hagadone/RCII were being rejected for non-sufficient funds, according to the investigation. The investigation also revealed information regarding other prohibited acts which may have been committed by Hagadone and RCII

The following steps are being suggested for Montanans who purchased insurance through Kileen Moria Hagadone or Rosebud County Insurance, Inc.

  1. Contact your insurance company directly and verify that you have insurance in place; ask if your policy is in effect now, verify that it has not been canceled, and request a copy of your insurance policy.
  2. Verify that the amount of money you paid for the insurance (the premium) has been received in full by the insurance company and that you do not owe any more money to keep the insurance policy in effect.
  3. If you determine your policy has been canceled, is subject to cancelation for non-payment of premium, or that the money you paid for the insurance has not been delivered in full to the insurance company, find proof that you paid what you owed. Find your receipts for premium payments, canceled checks, or other documents which prove you paid what you owed. If you received any letters or emails indicating your policy has been or may be canceled for any reason, find and save those communications.

Contact the Commissioner of Insurance if, after contact with your insurance company you are unsatisfied with their responses to your questions; the insurance company advises your policy may be, or has been canceled even though you have paid all the money you owe for the insurance in full.

The Commissioner of Insurance can be reached at 406-444-2040 or by email at

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