Commissioner Troy Downing Obtains Court Order Prohibiting Kileen Hagadone from Conducting Insurance Business

Rosebud County Insurance and Hagadone’s License Revoked

Helena, Mont.-On July 12, 2023, Commissioner Troy Downing secured an Order of Final Injunction permanently barring Kileen Hagadone and her business, Rosebud County Insurance, Inc. (RCII), from conducting any type of insurance business in Montana. The Order of Final Injunction further prohibits Hagadone and RCII from any banking or other transactions involving consumer funds.

In April 2023, the Commissioner secured a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) shutting down Hagadone/RCII citing a risk to public safety. The Order marks the culmination of emergency legal proceedings against Hagadone/RCII by the Commissioner.

“By allegedly accepting premium payments and not purchasing the insurance policies, Hagadone placed her customers at a substantial risk of losing their coverage. Our agency also worked with the involved insurance companies to ensure customers did not see a lapse in coverage and were not double-charged for their policies,” Downing said. “Our agency’s first priority is protecting consumers. By revoking Hagadone’s license, we prevent this alleged fraud from claiming more victims.”

In summary, the investigation revealed insurance customers who reported they had paid their insurance premiums in full to Hagadone/RCII but were later notified by their insurance companies that their policies were either subject to cancellation or had been canceled for non-payment of premium.

The investigation also established that attempts to pay premiums through bank accounts controlled by Hagadone/RCII were rejected for non-sufficient funds. Finally, the investigation revealed information on other prohibited acts which were allegedly committed by Hagadone/RCII. 

Always contact insurance companies directly to ensure policies have been properly placed by your agent. If you have questions regarding coverage or to report suspected fraud, contact the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance at 406-444-2040 or go to

Troy Downing is the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, Montana State Auditor. Commissioner Downing is a two-tour combat veteran, businessman, and entrepreneur.



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