Bail or Jail? Montana’s Wild West

Montana’s Wild West is alive and well as a rogue subset of bounty hunters who commit crimes and abuses against defendants on bail, their families, and the public. State law gives bondsmen unrestrained arrest powers leading some to employ dangerous tactics that threaten public safety and infringe on defendants’ rights. There is a clear need … Read more

Standard view: Downing is right on need for bounty-hunter reforms

We have been generally impressed by Troy Downing’s performance as state auditor and insurance commissioner. In his handling of multilevel sales companies, his backing of the federal No Surprises Act and outreach to healthcare consumers who could be helped by it, and his call for reforms of Montana’s cabin-site sale program are all small but … Read more

Montana’s Harsh Winters and Mail-Order Covid Tests

The rise in Covid-19 cases and the new federally mandated reimbursement program from insurance companies has led to an increase in demand for mail-order, self-administered Covid-19 tests. Home testing, if correctly administered, can give you vital information about the need to avoid contact with others to limit spreading the virus. At-home testing is convenient, but … Read more

How the No Surprises Act affects the uninsured

HOW THE NO SURPRISES ACT AFFECTS THE UNINSURED[Helena, Montana] On January 1st of this year, the No Surprises Act (NSA) went into effect protecting individuals with private health insurance from surprise medical bills. In other words, if you are insured by a company that is not Medicare or Medicaid and receive emergency medical care or … Read more

An IR View: Cash for vaccines, pyramid schemes, low voter turnout

Thumbs up Kudos to the organizers of an upcoming Helena clinic where people can get $50 to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The one-day Pfizer vaccination clinic is scheduled for 2-7 p.m. Nov. 17 at the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds. It is open to any residents of Lewis and Clark, Broadwater, Jefferson, Meagher and Powell … Read more